Our Mission Statement:

Dream A Little Dream Productions is an independent motion picture production company committed to creating high quality, risk-taking and thought-provoking entertainment whose scope encompasses social, environmental and humanitarian concerns centering around ethical, moral and socially relatable dilemmas.

Any project produced by Dream a Little Dream contains leading and supporting roles for women and minorities.

Dream a Little Dream is also committed to build the local independent motion picture industry in the Boston area by creating new jobs for local professionals and work for local businesses, and thereby stimulating not only the Massachusetts economy but on a more eminent scale, the New England economy.

We are in pre-production for our short, Mindset (working title)  We’re just beginning to fund-raise (pre-pre-production).  Mindset iis a short film about a woman who is raped by her boyfriend while trying to break up with him, her confusion over how to deal with it and two men who can’t comprehend unrequited feelings. We’re in the midst of setting up our Indiegogo campaign, but email if you’re interested in helping us out and I’ll keep you informed!

  If you participate, there are some great perks available, listed below.

  • $25USD
    “Special Thanks To:” Credit

    You’ll be listed in our credits! Your name will be under the “Special Thanks To” section. You’ll also have access to updates about the production as we go along.

  • $50USD
    Be an extra!

    The above and if you live in the region, and you want to do so, come be an background actor in the restaurant or bar scene!

  • $75USD
    Signed Poster & Copy of Film

    All the above plus you get a production poster signed by the cast and crew! Also, once the film has made it to the festivals that it has to hit before it’s distributed publicly, you’ll get a downloadable copy of the film.

  • $100USD
    Featured Extra, Exclusive Updates

    All the above and the chance to be a “Featured Extra.” This means you will be doing something specific and be readily recognizable in a shot in either the bar or the restaurant scene. We can’t have too many of these so we will put the names of the people who give $100 or more in a hat and pull out 5. No matter what, we’ll be sending you exclusive updates from our cast and crew.

  • $250USD
    Visit Set/Signed Still

    All of the above and if you live in the area, you can come visit the set to watch what’s going on. If not, we will send you a signed production still.

  • $500USD
    Wrap/Screening, See Rough Cuts

    All of the above and be invited to the wrap party and to the private screening! Date TBD. Also, follow our progress in post-production by getting periodic sneak peaks of rough cuts of individual scenes!

  • $750USD
    Co-Executive Producer Credit

    All of the above and a credit as a Co-Executive Producer. You were a big part of making this happen – you deserve the credit!! You’ll also get a signed copy of the script.

  • $1,000USD
    Executive Producer Credit

    You’ll get all of the above, except the credit of Co-Executive Producer, because you will have a credit in the film as an Executive Producer.