Dream a Little Dream Productions (DALD) is a Massachusetts company with the intent to develop, produce and seek distribution for fictional narrative motion pictures for global theatrical, television, and internet markets.  We are currently a sole proprietorship with the intent of becoming an S-Corp.  Associates, staff and consultants make use of their combined industry experience, expertise and networks to create quality products and promote these products.

Our principal purpose is the development and production of fictional narrative feature films, series and shorts whose subjects encompass social, environmental and humanitarian matters and that look to encourage employment of women and minorities both in front of and behind the camera.  Our location in Massachusetts allows us to stimulate the local economy by creating jobs for local professionals and by contributing to the ongoing effort to make Massachusetts an independent film capital of the country, which will also encourage tourism.

We feel that women and minorities have as much to offer as their more-frequently-employed counterparts, as well as being a well of culturally different perspectives and fresh ideas.  The current political, economic and “spiritual” climate of the country, and the world, makes the market ripe for stories that offer differing viewpoints on social, environmental and humanitarian subjects.

The goal of Dream a Little Dream Productions is to create a wholly financially self-sustaining company entirely based in Boston, MA.  DALD’s products fall within the realm of motion pictures, television programming, DVD’s, video-on-demand and internet content. The company concentrates on market segments through which we can efficiently achieve competitive sustainability.  These segments include prestige specialty films, horror/thriller and sophisticated comedy.  By keeping our costs low, our quality high and through the sales and distribution of our products, we will create profits that will keep investors interested in financing other projects.