Ignis Fatuus

Sprechen Sie “Doh!”

“Ignis Fatuus” started shooting on June 23rd.  We’ve shot 3 out of the 5 days so far and are scheduled to shoot the last 2 days this weekend.  Unfortunately, we have lost the restaurant location we were going to use on Saturday.  We are hoping to find a replacement but may have to reschedule the […]

One Week Until We Start Shooting

Well, it’s one week away!  Par for the course, we’re still trying to put together some key elements before production begins.  We are finally able to go on our tech scout on Monday.  Due to lots of factors – not the least of which was scheduling – we haven’t been able to do that yet. […]

Indiegogo Campaign Launch

Well, the campaign is launched.  Yikes!  Now we sit around, refreshing the browser every 15 seconds, nervously waiting to see how it goes.  The cool thing is that within the first few minutes we had our first contributions!  Thanks to Susan Coppney and Dennis Hurley!!!! Check out the campaign: Please take a look, contribute if […]

Ignis Fatuus

Location Scouting

Gloria, the director, and I went location scouting last week and found many places that would work for the restaurant and the bar locations in the script.  Today we’re going to see the top three for both, with Mike, our DP to finalize.  We’re very excited, since after this Gloria and Mike will have a […]