Ignis Fatuus

“Ignis Fatuus”  is a short film about a woman who is raped by her boyfriend while trying to break up with him, her confusion over how to deal with it and two men who can’t comprehend unrequited feelings.

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Julia, the new girl in town, is intensely attracted to her absurdly good-looking boyfriend, Vic.  The trouble is, she doesn’t like him very much; he’s arrogant and they have nothing in common.  Convinced she is playing hard-to-get when she breaks up with him, Vic doesn’t take her emphatic protests seriously as he overpowers her and carries her to the bedroom.  At a loss for how to process what’s happened to her, she confides in her two best friends, Abe and Sarah.  Abe vows to physically confront Vic and Sarah urges Julia to go to the police.  Julia’s self-blame, shame and embarrassment lead her to beg them to do nothing.

Alone, Abe and Julia discuss their very different ideas on what is to be done.  Sarah believes there’s nothing they can do but support Julia but Abe simply can’t accept that.  Admitting his feelings for Julia, he asks the eternal nice-guy question “why do women always go for the a**holes?”  Sarah’s answer is one that isn’t often heard, but perhaps it should be.

Thankfully, rape awareness has been gaining attention in the media lately.  There is still a long way to go, however.  “Ignis Fatuus” is part of this movement.  The film takes a look at some difficult issues surrounding rape.  Julia, the main character, doesn’t know how to feel or how to incorporate the event into her life.  She’s confused, guilty, ashamed and angry.  She has to deal with her own reaction as well as her close friends.  The man who rapes her doesn’t even consider what he did to be “rape.”  “Ignis Fatuus” also examines some cultural mindsets, such as the idea that a man has a right to a woman’s body simply because he wants her, that contribute to the perpetration of these crimes and explores what some people have considered “gray areas.”  We hope to make people uncomfortable in order to get them to scrutinize their own thoughts on the subject, to raise questions and to help the dialogue about rape continue.

The film is not black and white.  It abides in the places in between.  It, in and of itself, does not take a stand.  It leaves the viewer with questions.  It leaves them to decide for themself.  We think this is valuable because it forces the viewer to think.

Our Cast:


Jenna SullivanJenna Lunarno was extensively trained in the Meisner technique at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is a versatile, award-winning SAG/AFTRA actor. Her most notable screen appearance was as Jordana in multiple episodes of Showtime’s Brotherhood, where she had several scenes opposite Annabeth Gish. She recently appeared in a production of “Death and the Maiden” as Paulina Escobar with Open Theatre Project and “Pride and Prejudice,” as Lizzie Bennet with Enter Stage Left Theater. Jenna is passionate about this project and what it stands for. She hopes that, when received, it will get people talking, questioning and debating about the important issues surrounding intimate partner violence and sexual assault.


daryaDarya Kravitz is a screen writer and actress. Originally from Moscow, Russia Darya majored in Film Studies with a minor in Theater Performance and Theater for Youth and Children at Rhode Island College.

She has performed with several theater companies, most notably, the Bradley Playhouse where she played the lead in “The Scarlett Letter.”
Darya has belonged to the Screen Actors Guild since 2006 and has appeared in several commercials, television shows, and feature films. She was featured in Showtimes “Brotherhood”, and Tatiana Von Furstenbergs “Tanner Hall” and had a speaking part opposite Wesley Snipes in the feature film “Hard Luck.” Darya has also appeared in a number of commercials including Stop and Shop, Centerville Bank, and Countrywide Gold Buyers.



steventrothen.wix_mp_1024Steven Trothen is a native of Newport News, Virginia, where he earned his BA in Theatre from Christopher Newport University. Following undergrad, Steven also earned a teaching certificate from Old Dominion University and became an educator with Newport News Public Schools, and later York County School District, where he taught theatre performance and stagecraft. In 2010, he moved to Boston to pursue a graduate degree in Dramatic Arts from Harvard University. Over the past 4 years he has performed and directed in a variety of venues in and around the Boston area. Currently, Steven works at Harvard Law School and is in the midst of working on his thesis. He is very happy to be working with the cast and crew of “Ignis Fatuus.”


Thomas McCormickThomas McCormick began his acting career as an untrained student in Park Hill South High School in Kansas City Missouri,competing in the National Forensic League primarily in humorous interpretation. After a very successful campaign as a varsity competitor he followed his comedic path after graduation to the tune of stand-up comedy and eventually wrote and starred in a USO variety show for military personnel stationed in Tallil AFB, Iraq. Recently, Thomas has branched out to the world of dramatic interpretation with roles in the theatre to include an award winning performance as “Lee” in Sam Shepard’s “True West”. Working full time as a Health and Fitness professional, Thomas maintains a strong relationship and passion for the performaning arts.

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  1. Sounds so exciting and inspiring! Good for you, Jenna. Good for you all – keep it up! When can we come see the film?

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