Location Scouting

Gloria, the director, and I went location scouting last week and found many places that would work for the restaurant and the bar locations in the script.  Today we’re going to see the top three for both, with Mike, our DP to finalize.  We’re very excited, since after this Gloria and Mike will have a much better idea of what they’ll want and need for the shoots at those sites.  This will give us a better idea of what we will require for equipment and therefore a better idea of what we’ll need for a budget.  We’ll be launching our IndieGoGo campaign soon.  I hope that we’ll make our goal!  Right now, the rough idea is that we’ll need $5,000 for equipment, permissions and art department purchases.  We’ll also be looking for two exterior locations – two different streets.  One that we will be a night shoot, after two characters get out of a bar, and the other for a day.  We’re hoping to find something relatively quiet but that still looks city-ish.

Our big location concern, as it stands, is finding Vic’s apartment.  It’s a nice “bachelor’s pad,” it has to be reasonably large, to hold 13 crew and two actors and there will be a very-well trained dog on set.  Let us know if you know of anything!

We’re also holding auditions for the role of Vic next weekend.  The role can go to either a union or non-union actor.  Male, mid 30s. Vic is a self-absorbed, well-groomed man, who is very conscientious about his physical shape. He is confident and knows what he likes. Get in touch with us if you want to come in and read or know someone who would fit the description!

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