One Week Until We Start Shooting

Well, it’s one week away!  Par for the course, we’re still trying to put together some key elements before production begins.  We are finally able to go on our tech scout on Monday.  Due to lots of factors – not the least of which was scheduling – we haven’t been able to do that yet.  But tomorrow Gloria, Mike and Mark (Wylie – our gaffer) will be going to look at Sarah and Abe’s apartment, Vic’s apartment, the bar and the two exterior locations.  We may have a lead on the final location – a restaurant.  Keep your fingers crossed!

We found an actor for Vic (our last actor decided he couldn’t make the time commitment).  We are very excited about him.  We’ll be making the announcement shortly, so stay tuned (Really?  Stay tuned?  Do people even still use that expression?)!

We are continuing our search for the following positions:  production sound mixer, boom operator and hair/makeup.  These positions are unpaid (obviously we will pay for the makeup box rental or anything we need to buy), but if we do get a distribution deal after we make the festival circuit, we will be compensating people fairly.

We will also need extras for the bar scene and the restaurant scene.  So far, we only have the bar scene scheduled (see: looking for restaurant location).  That is the night of Feb 24th.  We welcome anyone over 18 who can make it!  Just email Leeza, our production manager, ( and we’ll arrange it!

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