RIIFF Announces 2013 Screenplay Competion Winners

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(PROVIDENCE, RI) • Jenna Sullivan and Quentin James from Marshfield, MA were the Best Screenplay Grand Prize Winners for this year’s 2013 FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) Screenplay Competition for their winning screenplay “Growing Things.” George T. Marshall, RIIFF Executive Director/CEO, made the announcement of the 2013 awards.

According to the Jenna Sullivan, “If ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Punch Drunk Love’ had a baby and that baby was adopted and raised by ‘Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Sweeney Todd,’ it would grow up to be ‘Growing Things.'”

The story revolves around Lilith, a wayward and neurotic out-of-work costume designer who meets Samuel, a successful, enigmatic, serial-killing gardener and their instant connection. Both are struggling to find their place in the world. Suffocating in their virulent self-loathing, the couple discovers what they think is their salvation: killing people. As the two self-hating misfits’ love unfurls, they partner in both business and pleasure, experiencing success in their landscaping company and wreaking revenge on anyone foolish enough to like them.

“This is an exceptional screenplay. It’s smart, witty, and very well thought out. Jenna and Quentin’s unique writing style conveys a dark comedic tone that works wonders in bringing the story’s characters to life.” Shawn Quirk, RIIFF Program Director.

“It was an outstanding year for screenplay entries. The exceptional quality and the solid storytelling were compelling, making for difficult decision-making on the part of our international group of judges,” added Quirk. “Our adjudication team read 371 screenplay entries this year, the largest entry base in the competition’s history. Each submission was analyzed and scored according to a set of criteria, including character, dialogue, setting, plot and technique.”

“After extensive reading and deliberation among the judges, prizewinners were chosen in four different categories: Main Competition, LGBTQ, International Focus and Short Screenplay,” he added. “Each will come with its own set of awards.”

“Our sincere congratulations to this year’s winners,” stated George T. Marshall. “This competition has introduced us to some of the world’s brightest and most talented writers in the craft.”

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